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Compact: It is small enough to fit in any gym while in use or in a corner stored away.

Low impact/full body workout: The design reflects the movements of an elliptical and a stair master, the combination makes for a great upper body and low impact workout.

16 levels of resistance: The wide range of levels makes it useable for beginners and advanced fitness levels. Advanced exercisers will not outperform the challenges of the upper levels too soon.

Bowflex Max Intelligence platform-enabled: The App’s use of artificial intelligence to assess and suggest workouts to attain fitness goals.

Maximum user weight: 300 lbs., with the general population weighing less than 300 lbs., it will securely accommodate most users.

Track up to two users workouts: Your progress and workouts will be recorded and easily monitored under your personal identification.

Burn rate monitor: Easy view of calories burned throughout workout.

Dimensions:      46″ L x 26″ W x 64.2″ H



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